March 30, 2005
8:33 AM

Here we go again..I'm currently sitting at gate A7 at good ol' San Jose Intl. Airport. Arriving in los Angeles at 10:10 Am, I will spend the next 7 hours in meetings just in time to catch the 7 PM flight back to San Jose.

Ahhhh.. Yes!! I am the jet setter eh? This will be the second time in my life that I've flown to a destination and flown back home in the same day. It's weird, but I like it at the same time.

My fear of flying has almost completely dissipated.(Did I spell this right?)
Bad weather? No problem.. Turbulance? No problem. Hit by lightning? No problem. Actually I've been hit by lightning twice in my life whilst flying. Once on a domestic flight in Japan and another time flying to LA. But the skies are blue and the likelihood of this happening would be pretty rare.

I got my first donation yesterday from a gentleman named Vien. I had posted a request for donations for the plea for peace bike tour on the front page of my website and lo and behold this kind gentleman came through within minutes. My goal to raise a quarter of a million dollars seems a bit intimidating, but I have to try right? If every task felt like it was impossible I would sit in solidarity with ideas....just ideas.

For the next 5 months I'm going to be doing a lot of pleading for donations. So please....If you know your parents are rolling in the big bucks, have them take a look at the plea for peace site and have them make a tax deductible donation. What do you think???? Hmmmm...

My plane leaves in 20 minutes, but people are already lining up. It's making me nervous. I'm gonna stop now and perhaps write a bit more later. Be well. Enjoy your day, though I won't be able to send this for another couple hours and perhaps your day will have ended.
Mike Park