March 27, 2005
10:45 PM

The Easter egg hunt was quite a success this year. The jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, and friggin cadbury eggs mixed with ham and white trash casseroles....Yummmm... Well, fortunately none of that happened. I'm Korean and we eat korean food on Easter. I do have memories of my parents doing egg hunts when i was a kid, but that was long ago. And I'm not a huge candy fan. I mean.... If you offered me some I'd eat it, but I'd much rather much on some nachos and wash it down with ice cream.
We ate traditional korean dishes like kimchee(cabbage and chili peppers), rice(of course), spinach(not like american spinach), salmon, asparagus, kim(roasted seaweed), some root(I don't know what it's called), and little tiny dried minnows(I hate it, but my mom seems to eat it every meal??) and I think that was it. For the whitey in all of us, it might sound disgusting, but I've been eating, seeing, smelling and experiencing strange foods my whole life. So it doesn't seem strange to me.

We went to my dads cemetery, but it started raining so we left pretty soon after arriving. I don't like the cemetery. It doesn't make sense that you need to go to a place where the body is buried to remember them. Does that make sense? I just don't know. Basically if it helps to have a place of rememberance than more power to the tombstone, but I just don't like it very much.

I'm still a bit under the weather, so the rain wasn't so exciting to my well being. My throat is shot folks. I'm trying not to talk, so I'm doing charades as my form of communication. I thought I was getting better, but yesterday resulted in more sickness including fever, sore throat, and achiness. What was supposed to be a productive weekend turned out to be a lazy, stay in bed experience that still couldn't heal my racing mind. Racing, racing..up and down, left and right...race, race, race.... How can I turn if off? maybe I should start doing drugs?

It's almost 11 PM, I fell asleep at around 8 PM for approximately 20 minutes and now I'm wide awake. DOH!! Hopefully I can get a good nights sleep. Me hopes so.
Mike Park