March 25, 2005
9:23 AM

I've been awake for less than 5 minutes and just an itch of a sore throat, Actually it feels horrible right now(Cause I left the space heater on all night) I'm gonna be alright.... But it felt good yesterday. More tea and lozenges. Right??

I had to do a double take yesterday when my mom said it was Good Friday tomorrow. Huh?? It's already Easter?? It's a pretty big deal for my family. My great grandfather on my dads side was one of the first christian missionary to come to Korea. And now Korea has a larger christian population than the US of A. Well, not larger in numbers, but in size comparison. How do you say that?? PER Capita???

I bought a bunch of stuff for my living room tour. Microphone, new strings, mic stand, new pickup for my guitar and a small PA that weighs no more than 12 pounds and is smaller than a boom box. There's two channels that will be used for my vocals and guitar. A friend who works at a guitar shop got everything for me with his discount. Saving me about $100. Woohoo!!

Speaking of savings. I got a gift from a friend in Phoenix of all places. Anyways, it was a savings coupon book for the bay area and we've been using it like crazy. Most of the dining deals are buy one get one free. What a deal. I kind of feel cheesy using the coupons, but who cares right? Last night we had Thai food and saved $12. DAMN!!

Well, I better get's time to start packing. I'm moving folks!! And you're all invited to my house warming party.
Potato salad and kool aid for all.
Peace, mike park