March 23, 2005
4:28 AM

Ahhhhh.... I didn't make it. I'm wide awake again. I fell asleep around 10 PM, but now I'm wide awake. WAH WAH
And the lump in my throat has now doubled. What does this mean? Why am I falling apart? Oh well, so is life eh?

The rain is coming down hard here in the bay area. Making driving a bit more difficult on the windy hwy 17 towards Santa Cruz. Nonetheless, I had to go there to look for a new place to live. After bombing out on the first three places,(they were all dives)we scored on a fourth. Right smack dab in downtown Santa Cruz, we found a four bedroom victorian basement. Yeah, that's right a basement. It's $1875 a month, all utilities included. All we have to pay for is internet and we're styling. With four people we're looking at about $460 each. The only downfall to all this is the one bathroom. Cause when I have to go, I have to go. But I guess I could always walk downtown to a coffee shop if it's an emergency.

We filled out some applications, so hopefully they will call us and we'll be moving in soon. WOOHOO!! What is on TV at 4:30 AM?? Well, Happy Days for one. So I better start watching the quality television has to offer. Be well.
Mike Park

7:03 PM
Why is it that I'm still at work? Well, maybe it's because I fell back asleep at around 7:30 and woke up at noon. DOH!! But alas a good days work is almost complete and I will reward myself with a soak in a hot tub at the YMCA. Filled with chemicals to kill the germs left by the dirty men and women who frequent this bathing experience. I don't care. Bring on the chlorine. Maybe it will kill my athletes foot.

It looks we got the place in Santa Cruz. Stephanie, whom will be one of my new roomates called with the good news. A new place can bring new energy. That's what I'm hoping for. I want to surf every day and breathe in the ocean air and pretend I'm friggin a man of nature. I will think to myself "I'm better than everyone else...Aren't I??" but that little voice will be saying "HA HA"..