March 19, 2005

It's currently 3:07 AM at home and 8:07 PM in Japan. Where am I? Well, I'm guessing somewhere in the middle. Via the friendly skies, I should be home in 4 hours. They just played the movie NEVERLAND and between fighting back tears and battling this headache, time has gone by much faster this route home. It's a great movie. I kind of feel like I was just in NEVERLAND. The only way I can describe Japan to the outsider is "DISNEYLAND 24/7". And that can give you some idea of what my view of this place is.

The only problem is trying to pack in as much as humanly possible in a limited amount of time. These last couple days have seen us in panic mode hoping to experience everything there is to see and that can be fun too, but I'm exhausted. Also, a friend of mine from Omaha got to Japan a couple days ago. He is on tour with Bright Eyes. Actually he's playing keyboards for the woman that is opening for Bright Eyes. I forget her name, but she's in Azure Ray I think. Anyways, they are staying at a fancy shmancy hotel in Shibuya right next to the train station. It's plush.... My goodness, the view is breathtaking. We were at a loss, just hoping we could hang out all night. Unfortunately we had to catch the last train. We were tempted to sleep over as the invitation was given, but we had no clean clothes or toiletries. Oh well. We got to see Bright Eyes for free. It was my first time seeing them. Tickets were $63 and it was sold out. Over 1,000 people. Damn.

We've been on an eating frenzy. Trying to cram in at least 5 meals a day, just so we can try everything. It's caused quite a disturbance in my belly, but I'm glad we did it. I'm curious as to how much weight I've gained. I'm thinking at least 5-10 pounds easy. We've eaten everything from Tempura, Sushi, Ramen, Udon, Curry, and stuff that I still have no idea what it was. I'd say I'm 90% happy with what I put in my mouth. They have crazy flavored pringles here. Like Greek Feta, French consumme, curry, italian bruscetta, and more. We bought a bunch of the crazy snack foods, so hopefully we'll get to keep eating this stuff for the next few weeks. But knowing me, I'll probably engulf it all by weeks end.

By the way it's now 5:21 AM. I took a break as a new movie started shortly after I started writing. It was called After Sunset starring Selma Hayak and Pierce Bronson. perhaps one of the worst movies ever, yet I was captivated. It was so funny in a bad way. But Sema Hayak is perhaps the best looking woman in the world. Arggghhhh.. I told Monica it's over during the movie. My new goal is to pursue Selma. Ummmm..... Anyways, the lights have just been turned on in the cabin. time I guess. We're closing in on the last 2 hours of this flight. My legs are cramped and I'm feeling bloated, but I'll still eat the shiiiiite out of my meal. Can't wait to get home and embrace the workload that awaits me. It's not as bad as it sounds. I'm quite the stresser and for some reason i always feel as if things are going wrong while I'm away. Silly me... I've been winking a lot lately. It's my new thing. Monica winks back at me. I like when she winks. It's a fun game. Yeah, I'm easily amused, but maybe it's good excercise for the eyelids. Let me see?? I've got about a month off and then I start touring pretty much non-stop for the rest of the year. DOH!!! Be well people. Smile big. Peace and love to all... Rastafari...
Mike Park

9:53 AM
I'm in Los Angeles, no sleep, no problem. I'm drooling on myself. I don't care. I feel so grimey, dirty, sleepy, exhausted, delirious, and more. Two more hours and then our flight to San Jose leaves. I figure I've got about 4 more hours until I'm finally home. Until my filthy feet are unveiled from their socks and I can shower in peace and traquil surroundings will once again pursue happier terrain. What is this I'm talking about?? I have no idea. I do know that the US of A sucks! Well, it doesn't suck. I realize I'm pretty lucky to be here, but shoooooootzzzzz.... It's so different than any other country in terms of being polite. Here it's like AHhhhhh yeah.. Mother fucker, we're the US of A. Power trip power trip... blah blah. Again, I'm blabbing. You see, when you go to another country and go through immigration and customs, it's usually dealt with integrity, politeness, and professionalist. Here in the US, they just herd you through like cattle and that's how you are treated. Like a friggin piece of meat. AMEN.. Goodnight. I'm done writing. Have a friggin good weekend. I love you all. Peace and serenity. RASTAFARIIIIIIIIIIIIII
Mike Park(King of SKA)