March 15, 2005

11:12 AM
Were heading west on the bullet train headed for KYOTO. The former capital of Japan. Yesterday was our first attempt at traveling without any help. No Japanese to accompany our fraile and weak personas. Thankfully Monica is a whitey and I can make her do everything. You see, if I went up to order food, get train tickets, etc. etc.. They would just start rambling to me in Japanese. This way, the whitey goes first and I just kind of liner in. That way I'm in the clear. Smart?? Yes, me thinks so.

The hotel we stayed in was called First Green Resort of Akenazaki. There was a free shuttle to the hotel, but we couldn't figure it out. Or we got too scared to try, so we took a cab. The cab driver spoke to me in Korean and I did a double take. Where am I??? Trying to jumble from English, to Japanese, to Korean. WOW!! I didn't know what to do. Especially when this Japanese guy spoke better Korean than I did. DOH..... It's cool though. Our other cab driver was like 96 and we had no idea if he took us to the right place. He just said "GET OUT". No , he didn't really say that, but anyways...

The hotel was pretty nice. After a short rest in the hotel, we headed down to the hot springs in the basement of the hotel. To my dismay, it was just one big bath. Ahhhhh... I was hoping tranquil surroundings of geishas feeding me grapes with glasses of champagne. Actually, I just thought there would be a steam room, perhaps a few different jacuzzi type tubs, and a cold pool. Oh well. So this stuff is supposed to really be good for you. The natural sulphur, minerals, etc. are supposed to help heal many ailments. I hope it worked.

The only downfall of the place was it was on a mountain with nothing around. We were stuck there and couldn't leave. Well, we could leave, but to where?? And we brought no food. We checked out the restaurant, but there was nobody there. Not a single soul, so we got scared. There was a vending machine downstairs that served hot food. The selections were:
A.2 hot dogs
B.French Fries
C.Rice Balls
D.Chicken Nuggets
F.Takuyaki(I have no idea if that's how it's spelled, but they're these balls with a piece of octopus inside.

And I think that's it. We went for the rice balls and noodles. It was pretty cool in the sense that it was the JETSONS or some futuristic type of deal where you could order your food out of a machine and out came piping hot lasagna. But the food sucked. YUCK. But I ate it all anyways. We fell asleep at around 8 PM thinking it would just be a nap before going back to the hot springs for a late night dip, but we never woke up. Next thing I knew it was 6 AM on the DOT and I woke up Monica so we could go to the hot springs. They have these two massage chairs down there too. I like those, but I couldn't figure out the controller cause it was all in Japanese. But it was relaxing. They even had a little foot massager.

So that was our day. Pretty relaxing. Off to Kyoto for a little stroll around the city, perhaps we'll head to Nagoya for dinner and then back to Tokyo for a nightcap of more food. Be well
Mike Park