October 10, 2003
11:44 AM

11:44 AM Friday
3:44 AM SAT in Japan
Ahhhh.....I can't get on to the internet, so the best I can do is archive my thoughts and load em up once I get a to a city that likes my computer. I am in Osaka. In the states, some cities have a CHINA TOWN, JAPAN TOWN, etc.. In Osaka there's AMERICA TOWN. Mostly filled with young people just packed on the streets having a good ol' time doing whatever it may be that young people like to do. Fashion is very HIP HOP nowadays and the mesh caps have taken charge over here with the sideways look being thrown in for good measure. For whatever it's worth I hate that look on Americans and I hate in on Japanese. Be creative people. Where are the individuals who pride themselves on their own individual look. Uggh..Who am I to talk, I'm wearing a friggin Atticus shirt right now of all crappy companies to be sporting, but it was free!! We played a show in Nagoya tonight. Or I guess it was last night officially. The SKA-PUNK scene has definiteliy died down in Japan as the crowd this time around was way less than before, but still energetic and smiling big. We played 3rd out of 5 bands. The band that played after us is called NEW'ROTEKA. We had met them two and a half years earlier when MU330 had toured Japan. My goodness, their following has quadrupled in size and their fans are fanatical. The singer dresses as a clown and has legions of fans that dress up like him and go to the show. It was mind blowing and neat all at the same time. So far, the big dissapointment in Japan has been the fact that we haven't had any parties. These aren't your normal parties, these are a bit different. Usually after a show, we go to an IZEKAYA, which is a restaurant/drinking joint. And this is where the chaos of drinking is at its best. Though I don't drink myself, I am highly amused at drunk people. Especially drunk Japanese. I've never seen a Japanese person get violent when they're drunk. They only get insanely happy and out of control. Nakedness is common, along with lots of chants in Japanese that make no sense to me. It's great fun, but we've driven after each show to the next city. Argghhhh.. Why? Oh well, that's the way it goes I guess. Tonights show has already sold 1,100 tickets....WOW!! It's going to be hot, hot, hot. Have a good weekend y'all. Everyday is a weekend here, there's so much more to say, but I'd be writing novels when it was all said and done.

Peace always, Mike Park