March 14, 2005

10:30 AM
The bay area must be the best place in the world for wireless... Don't you think??? I thought Japan would be, but haven't found a signal yet. We are back on the train, going to Atami. It's near Mt. Fuji and is famous for its' hot springs. Onsen in japanese. We are excited cause we're pretty dirty and hope the soak will cleanse us of our filth.

We spent yesterday in Chiba. To be honest, we really didn't do anything which was quite nice. My mind and body have been racing so hard that I would probably be sick due to over exhaustion. Why is it that I stress over everything. Honestly... It's a horrible trait that I have, but it's just the way it goes. I wish I could change that. Perhaps if I left the country and lived in exhile on the beaches of Mexico. Living in a tent, fishing, eating fruits/vegetables, surfing....Hmmm...

The place we stayed at last night was on the 13th floor. Ooooooh.... Scary..... Real nice place though. It's the office for Einstein Records. They are the ones who put out the band Softball in Japan and others of course, but we got hooked up. Comfortable Japanese style sleeping situation. Clean, lots of tea, and best of all FREE!! Tonight, we have to pay for a hotel and the cheapest one we could find is $150. DOH!!! I walked up the stairs to get some excercise and I was so out of breath it was embarassing. Man, I guess I'm in worst shape than I thought. Hmmmm..

We went out for Sushi with the band Akiakane and some other straglers. It was real good and cheap. It was the first time that I've seen non-traditional types of sushi. For example, in the US we have California rolls, spicy tuna, veggie rolls, and all these crazy concoctions, but in Japan it's just Fish on rice. But here, they had some crazy stuff like Hamburger sushi, Bacon Sushi, and HAM sushi. Finally some creativity. I didn't try those, but I did eat a shiiiiite load of Sushi. Mostly shrimp and Tuna. I think I'm sushi-ed out. For lunch, we're hoping to find some good Ramen or UDON. We'll be at our destination in about 30 minutes. Unfortunately the hot springs aren't co-ed and you can't wear a bathing suit. So I get to walk around naked with a bunch of Japanese men. Call me lucky!! LUCKY!!
Peace, Mike Park