March 13, 2005
10:28 AM

back on the bullet train headed to TOKYO. We're currently traveling at 228 KM/HR. But it's so smooth. My ears are popping due to the elevation. OUCH.... I'm opening my mouth wide trying to pop my ears. Is the visual clear? Well, last night was out last show in Japan. We played a club called BIRDLAND in Sendai. It was the size of a bedroom, but was kind of famous in the punk scene. The Sex Pistols had played there and so had the Clash. So I guess that was kind of special. We played with a band called Tijuana Brooks. Their singer, Hideki spoke very good English and his band was pretty amazing. They had this rude boy/greaser look to them. They played a Skankin' Pickle cover. It was funny.

Let me backtrack to a couple days ago. We played a festival with all these friggin bands and it has come to my attention that most US bands are idiots. They have no respect for the Japanese culture. It's embarassing. That band MEST. Man, they bite. The singer would say stuff like "How many people here have seen us before?" And nobody would respond, not of disrespect, but because they can't understand English. His response would be "You guys should lick my balls". HA HA
It made me shiver in disgust and hope nobody knew I was an American. Then I watched Dillinger Escape Plan. And the singer was like "You guys don't know what I'm saying, so FUCK YOU". He looked so unhappy to be there.. I'm like DAMN!! Cause for me I was just so excited to be there. I can't understand why you wouldn't love Japan. But there were bands that were excited to be there too. AGAINST ME had an amazing set. The crowd was going crazy for them and played so well. They're a really good band. I'm really glad to have met them last year. Their drummer has A big beard. Anyways, I was reading the program that they gave out at the show and the description for the Bruce Lee Band was "SKA PUNK legend Mike Park". HA! I was amused to say the least. But I am bringing it home to show my friends and family. If anyone ever gives me attitude I'm pulling out the program to prove that I'm a legend. You can't mess with a legend. Can you?

They have heated toilet seats over here. You have no idea how nice it is to sit on a toasty toilet seat cover when the weather is freezing. It makes taking a shiiiiiiiite quite a joy. And the toilets are installed with a bidet. Do you know what that is? It's a spray that comes up and washes your butthole. It takes a bit of getting used to, but once you get the hang of it you just want to sit there all day long.

Well, I'm headed to the Chiba prefixture after TOKYO. I'm gonna meet up with the band SOFTBALL. Well, only one member, but it's the singer. And the manager of her new band called AKIAKANE. I think I'm gonna release them on Asian Man, so hopefully by next year I'll get that release out. Well, it's all vacation from now til' Saturday. Unfortunately I'm a work a holic and will probably be checking my email at any opportunity possible. I'm still getting so many requests to play peoples living rooms. I don't know what to do??? Anyways, I better get going cause I'm getting dizzy typing this whilst the train moves.
Be well....

Peace, mike park