March 12, 2005
9:19 AM

Fully rested I am. Slept over 8 hours and am ready to go go go!! We played a huge festival yesterday with like 30 bands. There were 4 stages and we played on the main stage. DOH!! I thought that was amusing to say the least. The main band was MEST. Man, they weren't so good. I had never heard of them, but they had lots of tatoos and played band punk. Oh well, I'm sure the thousands of people going crazy were excited. Against Me was there and we got to see them rock. Amazing band.

I was approached by many bands like Tokyo Rose, Hawthorne Heights, Copeland and they all said I was a big inspiration to them when they were in high school. That's really flattering, but it's also a way of saying. "DUDE you are friggin old". And that's ok, but damn I still feel like I'm in high school.

Let me see who else played?? Bowling for Soup, who are they? They had one member that was very large. Who else? Ummmm.... Randy, the Satanic Surfers, Rude Bones, Dillinger Escape Plan, and many more. I took off at around 8 PM as I felt like I was wasting my day staying at that festival. We played at 4PM and were done at 4:30. I should have left right then and there. Oh well. It's cool.

We went to Shinjuku, met up with Hiro and went on an eating frenzy. Authen Japanese foods for friggin cheap. Hiro is the master and knowing the places to go that are affordable. I'm lucky to have a way of finding like minded people. We topped it off with ice cream at haagen daz. That wasn't so cheap. For 2 scoops(Their scoops are smaller than ours) it costs $6. DOH!! It's cool though.

Well, I'm off in an hour and need to pack my stuff, so I better get going. We're off to Sendai today. Northern Japan which should be cold. BRRR.... But it will fun to see more of Japan. Be well y'all.

Peace, mike park