March 11, 2005
7:38 AM

I feel like I'm in the movies..... with rain falling from the sky, with my arms raised high as to thank the gods for the rain that will save the crops and therefore save the community from starvation. That my friends is the magic of being in Japan. I've been here approximately 39 hours, have slept a grand total of 12 hours. And now I'm wide awake.

In a short time I've already managed to walk miles upon miles, play a show in Tokyo, eat 4 new foreign foods, talk to countless cute girls, poo in an eastern style toilet, ride the bullet train, ride in a van, take pictures with more cute girls, make Monica take the pictures, eat ramen, eat some more, walk some more, feel jet lagged, drink coffee, beat jet lag, and now I must go get breakfast. I'll write more later.

Peace, mike park