March 10, 2005

Greetings!! It's now 1:09 PM on the west coast. I'm somewhere 35,000 ft. over the Pacific Ocean. We've been flying for approximately 2.5 hours. Only 8 more hours to go!! And I'm already restless. My hope to fall asleep has been thwarted once again. From take off, I fell asleep right away, but it last a mere 20 minutes. DOH!!

But I guess it'll give me some time to reflect on the last few days, weeks, months?? I'll start with LA. Where would I be without my friend Chris Candy? This young man is so solid solid solid. What a help. From giving Monica and I a place to crash, to picking us up from the airport, to taking us to his moms to use the jacuzzi, to running erands, to just plain and simple ROCKIN!!

On Monday night, he took a bunch of people out to this place near UCLA. Shooootzzz. I can't remember the name. Something like DEE DEE REES?? But it was a cookie store that had unreal prices. With a line going out the door on a MONDAY night I can see the word is out about this amazing place. For ONE friggin dollar you can get two cookies with a scoop of ice to fill the middle. I thought perhaps it would be a tiny portion, but it wasn't. Whilst eating my choice of Chocolate chip cookies surrounded by some vanilla ice cream I couldn't help but think this is all a dream..... ONE DOLLAR??? How, who, what, where, when?? After doing some quick math in my head I tried to figure out how they afford this? With non-stop business for 12 hours of business, averaging about a dolllar every 20 seconds, that would bring their gross revenue to about $2,160 a day. Is that enough? Hmmmm... Deep thoughts eh?

The Incredibles are playing on the in-flight movie. Unfortunately we don't have individual screens, so I'm about 15 ft away from a small screen that only proves the fact that my eye sight is bad....... But anyways, I'm distracted because I love this movie. Mrs. incredible is so cute. Unfortunately she's a cartoon. This makes for the 2nd cartoon crush of my life. The first of course being DARIA. Do you remember her? "Sigh" I don't like the daughter in the Incredibles. She's too GOTH for me. Anyways, the entire flight staff is either Japanese or Korean. All are women and all are good looking. It's driving me crazy. I keep pinching Monica to get her attention. She knows it's innocent fun on my end. i admire attractive women and she hates that, but oh well. Japan is the land of cute. The girls are so cute. oh boy. I'm getting that funny feeling in my stomach. Shooootzzz.... I'm gonna watch the movie. Be good. Maybe I'll write later on the flight.
Peace, mike

It's now 4:45 PM PST and I think I snuck in perhaps a 5 minute nap. Though there's no official way to determine the exact amount of sleep. The story goes....I went to the restroom, walked around the plane for a bit and then said to myself "I'M SLEEPY". Fell asleep and then within minutes the damn baby next to us started crying. Goddamnit!!! The dad kept trying to quiet him up, but no use. It wasn't really crying, it was like whining. It's actually two babies. They are twins. I think half japanese/half african american?? hmmm.. anyways, cute kids about 3 or 4, so not really babies. They have huge afros, dark skin, but asian faces. Pretty neat. I wonder how my babies would look in a mixed relationship with a black woman? Maybe I need to get my thang on with Beyonce. It will be Chocolate thunder meets the Lemon Squirt. Is that racist? Am I racist? Hmmm.. I'm just delirious. This flight sucks. No friggin TV's. Just shitty movies. Bullshit. SEE I'm resorting to profanity. And you know that's not like me. But in extreme cases, the expletives come out.

5:30 PM
Guess what? I just got awoken by the kids. Again, i think perahps 5 to 10 minutes. I'm friggin losing it!! I feel bad for the old man in front of the kid. He's been kicking his chair every 10 seconds. But he's so calm. Doesn't even flinch. I have friends in the states who would lose it. What would I do? I think I'd be ok, but the agony of the flight would remain fresh for a long time. CRAZY+MIKE=NORMAL?

7:52 PM
Alright.....We're down to the last hour of this friggin flight. They just served us dinner and I'm stuffed. i feel disgusting. I went to the bathroom and the mirror was so clear. I could see every pore on my face like never before. I just started squeezing around my nose area and little worms were coming out. I was pretty happy. It helped kill time. Yeah, I know.. I've lost it. That's ok. I admit this. As long as I don't get sick and my body can handle this lack of sleep then things are ok. Getting sick sucks. I've got to keep pumping the vitamins. Maybe I'll take some steroids??? hmmm....
Well, it's only 7:55 now. This killed 3 minutes. Woohoo.

10:10 PM PST
YES!! I'm in friggin JAPAN. We have our train passes(Which cost $451!!! DOH) and we're sitting on the SHINJUKU express train headed for TOKYO. Should be about one hour and we'll be on our way to fun fun fun. I'm excited. BYE BYE