March 09, 2005
7:14 AM

A quick packing job and I'm ready for Japan!! We'll be leaving for the airport in 30 minutes and then hopefully some sleep on the 11 hour flight to TOKYO. These past 48 hours have been a blur.....
A.Eaten at least 5 burritos
B.Slept a total of 7 hours(3 of them in the car)
C.Played my saxaphone more than in the last 11 months combined.
D.Danced harder than I have in the past 10 years combined.

You know those things that you put around your neck to help you sleep sitting up?? Well, it's amazing. Especially in the car. LA traffic usually drives me crazy, but with the NECK brace I'm sleeping like a champ and the traffic is gone. When i wake up, we're at our destination. YAWN!! STRECH!! YES!!

Played a fun show last night in HOLLYWOOD. 348 people paid to see us do the SKA.. With all 6 members of the RX BANDITS on board, plus my friend Chris Candy, we ran through a 12 song 30 minute set that blasted us through new and old songs. With a four piece horn section, we sounded awfully powerful. It was a fluke that we were even playing the show. I can't see myself doing another one for a long time. Don't get me wrong, it was I said before, but I just can't take it physically. I'm so sore from Dancing. MIKE PARK=OLD!!!

Well, I am sure to write tons on this trip to share the Japan experience. Be well y'all and smile huge.

Peace, Mike Park