March 07, 2005
4:15 AM

My first attempt at asleep began at 10 PM, but of course I failed. I tried to tire myself throughout the day with lots of exercise and then a big meal. Unfortunately my meal was much too garlicky. Is garlicky a word? Pasta with a whole garlic flower made for some indigestion. Luckily I had some Maalox from a previous stomach mishap to soothe things over. YEAH!!! But gas flowed through me all night and is continuing right now. Excuse me!

My alarm is set at 5:30 AM, but I'm wide awake and ready to go. Why you ask? It's because I'm leaving for tour. Anytime I leave for anything, I get crazed. Look back on previous blogs and you'll see the consistancy of my crazed sleep pattern. Today is no different. At 10:30 AM, my flight leaves, but I still need to get some stuff done, so I'm off and running to work after a write this.

I can hear the hot water boiling, which means the tea is ready to be poured. Ok, off I go. I'll be sure to write lots on the plane and then in Japan I'm hoping for wireless internet. Be well.

Peace, mike park