March 04, 2005
9:03 AM

I've been awake exactly 3 minutes. I want to try writing while my mind is fresh. I am sitting cross legged with my eyes shut typing away. Partly due to the fact that I'm half asleep. There will surely be lots of gramatical errors and ya know. That's ok.

Only 5 more days til' I leave for Japan. FUN FUN. Can't wait to see my friends in Tokyo. Eat lots of strange foods and walk for hours upon hours. Not looking forward to the flight, but oh well.

Today, I will cut my hair. It's very long and thick and bushy and yup. But just a trim. My mom likes to chop off all my hair and since I've never had my hair cut by anybody but my mom....well, I'm at her mercy I guess.

There's a new dog that lives downstairs named LUCKY. But he just barks and barks. Sleep has been problematic since lucky has come to town. BAD DOG. He's an older dog that they got at the pound. He surely would have been executed if they didn't take him. Hence the name I guess. But he's kind of shy or at least not used to the fact that he has a home. I just wish he'd stop barking. he's kind of ugly too. Anyways....

My plan this weekend is to practice and work. Practice music, work on record label stuff, and just get my mind ready to leave. Whenever I leave for a trip, my mind starts playing tricks on me. Fooling me into a false sense of fear that something is going to go wrong.

DING!! That's the bell on my kettle saying the hot water is done. I better go make my tea and go to work. Maybe I'll write more later. Have a wonderful weekend. Be well.

Peace, mike park