March 03, 2005
11:03 AM

Yesterday I started routing my LIVING ROOM tour and it's becoming more and more apparent that this thing is going to be quite difficult to do. With a normal tour, you play the big city and then the surrounding suburbs come. But with this, I'm getting requests from all the suburbs and now with over 150 requests, what do I do?? If I had the time, I'd play every show, but that's not possible.

I stayed up til' past three AM trying to figure out how I was going to do this tour and then dreamt about it. Oh boy. Not normal right?

Uggh... Perhaps I've gone over my head on this one. I'm gonna have to cut out some of the markets and also do two shows in one day if possible.

Jason Thinh came over yesterday and we hung out. A trip to the laundry mat and pictures of his vegas trip were the highlights. Basically we just talked and seeing him in a sober setting is always good. Though he is a genius drunk. Almost super hero esque. Powers beyond powers. Does that make sense?

I've got to cut out early today from work. I'm checking out a new apartment in Santa Cruz. I'm leaving my attic apartment in San Jose. I gave my landlord my 30 day notice and I was nervous for some reason. Basically it's because they are such good people and I enjoy being there. But I need to get out of here and live by the ocean for a bit. Even though I'm touring tons this year(And wasting money on rent), I'm looking forward to this move.

Peace, mike park