March 01, 2005
3:04 PM

Does anybody play spider solitaire?? I've come to realize that I'm addicted to the game. It probably takes an hour of my day/every day. Whenever I feel the need to get my mind off of work, I switch over to Spider Solitaire for some kind of distraction. But then I make a goal for myself. Something as simple as "WIN THIS GAME and then go back to work". But it's not an easy game. Sometimes I'll win on my first try, but then other times I'm stuck for a good 20 minutes trying to win. Oh well.

But yeah, I didn't realize how much it actually took away from work. I'm sure people do the same thing at their work. Especially if you have a job that has high speed internet. How much work do you actually do? Talking to some friends who have computer jobs, they tell me that they do about 3 hours of actualy work in 8 hours and the rest of the time they surf the web and pretend they're busy. Is this for real? How about you?

Miya came over last night and taught Monica how to do some Asian Man work. As the countdown for Miya leaving continues, I'm slowly trying to learn how to run my own company and implement new people to take over. She's a friggin genius. Damn, she does so much work. I suck for not paying her more. But we got veggie food and drank bubble tea. The walk was nice. Eating good food and going for a walk is quite a blessing.

I'm gonna try to work another hour and then I'll head home. Take care y'all.

Peace, mike park