February 22, 2005
10:03 AM

My alma mater...The mighty San Jose State Spartans played a home basketball game last night against Boise State. And of course they lost. Though the game was close which kind of counts as a victory in some ways. I used to like the coach, but now I think he's horrible. Do you care? No.. I'm sure you don't, but I do and that's all that matters. I went by myself. Riding my bike in frigid rain weather makes me feel like a man and though the prospect of doing things solo is something I enjoy, there was a sense of self doubt last night. Not sure why, but I felt awkward. I kept grabbing my cell phone as to make it look like I was a popular guy getting all these calls. Hmmmmmmm...

In about an hour I'm heading up to Petaluma to start the final mix of my record. Yeah, I know you're all freaking out. You can't wait huh?? You are losing your minds eh? Well, that's cool. So it's a short day at work, which means I'll get nothing done and what else is new? No...I'm a productive guy, but I always feel I can do more. So back to work I go.

Peace, mike park