February 18, 2005
9:10 AM

Can you dig it?? What you ask?? The rudeness of people in the movie theaters. Last night I almost had another episode at a theater. Loud talking through the beginning of a movie finally made me snap. AGAIN!!! So I turned around and said "SHUT UP". And the reply was "Come up here and make me shut up and you'll get your ass kicked". Or something like that. GEEZ!! These Slipknot/Pantera looking jerks just talking full volume amongst each other the entire movie. WHY??

Oh well. I should have just shut up for fear of getting my ass kicked. Anyways, the movie we saw was called ONG BAK. It's a martial arts movie featuring an up and coming superstar named TONY JAA. He is supposedly the next coming of Bruce Lee and after seeing this movie I agree 100%. If you like HK flicks, though this was made in Thailand you'll friggin love this movie. Subtitles and all.

Went to the doctor yesterday to get a physical. My conclusion about Doctors is simple. They are way too busy to have any idea what's wrong with you. I felt like a number on an assembly line and I was just an obstacle as he desperately needed to get through his quota for the day. Breathe in/Breathe out....Breathe in/Breathe out. Well Michael, you seem to be in great shape. Really? Thanks Einstein.

The nurse was kind of cute though. She had a piercing on her eyebrow which I thought rare for the medical industry standard of General Hospital type of employees. She kept giving me the eye. I winked back. No, I didn't. Actually she wasn't really that special. I think nurses in general with their outfits have a sort of sex appeal. ANYWAYS.......

Tonight is my last installment of the Ian Mackaye experience. After bypassing last nights show due to distance and rain, I'll be heading up to the San Francisco show early to dance and smile big whilst music with passion is being played. The show is early with an 8PM start time. Good for me as I hate late shows.

Peace, mike park