October 08, 2003
8:49 AM

It's currently 12:49 AM in Japan Thursday morning, yet it's only 8:49 AM Wednesday morning in California. We just finished playing our first show in Japan. Lots of fun, but geeezzz...I'm so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. I've walked over 10 miles in the last 30 hours, scavengering the city to see everything and anything. My entire body is in pain from top to bottom. I guess that's what happens when you start to get older. YIKES!! That's not something to look forward to. Anyways, let's recap some highlights today. Met with my friend Hiro and Reika, along with Dan and Myself and we hit up the all you can eat SHAKEYS PIZZA BUFFET. Yes, it's the same SHAKEYS as in the US, but the pizza is quite different and everyone wears straw hats. These pizzas are pretty creative, adding anything from corn, to tuna fish, to mayonaisse(YUCK!!), to octopus. But they have the conventional pepperoni and sausage types too. The green peppers in Japan grow to about 1/6 the size of an US pepper, hence the pepper on pizzas look funny. LIke something out of a sci-fi tv show. After eating I took a power nap after, went to the arcade and played some crazy drumming game, walked around some more, ate some potato chips, and finally left for the first show. Went as crazy as my body could take and just enjoyed the rest of the show. It was nice to see my friends in POTSHOT and THE SUICIDE MACHINES whom were playing the show with us. Good people makes for a good time. Met some nice kids at the show, talked about Ultraman and Dragonball Z, said my goodbyes to the SM and POTSHOT and now here I am ready to conk out, but wanted to get something up. That is all for now. Take care everyone and have a beautiful day.

Peace always, Mike Park