February 14, 2005
9:22 AM

In the interest of those who don't have a friggin Valentines date, I will save you the sour taste of this horrible day. But for those like me who love their significant others.....HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!

I'm confident that today many hearts will sulk and even those hearts that are filled will be toppled in lovers quarrels. Combine that with the pressure that America puts on the gentleman to make this day extra special for their loved ones and you have all the makings of a disasterous outcome. Geez, that was wordy. But I like seeing all the Valentines day ads. Man, the flower business must be booming this time of year. And all the lazy men will be hitting up the flower shops for last minute suprises.

As mentioned before, myself and Monica will trek over to Santa Cruz, eat burritos and see the Evens play music. Ahhhh... Romance....Aint it beautiful. The plan was to bring bikes, but ya know....it's cold out and I think we'll bypass that experience for today. Well, better get to work. After all, I am the boss.

Peace, mike park