February 12, 2005
9:29 AM

Yesterday we got a burst of rain in the evening....NOW, not a cloud in the sky. I got to work at around 9 AM and will try to leave here in 1 hour so I can enjoy the day with Monica. Riding bikes and drinking tea is on the agenda and then a trip up north about 40 miles to Pleasanton to have dinner with her aunt.

I've been practicing in my car for the string of BRUCE LEE BAND shows I have coming up next month. I'm gonna play 9 Skankin' Pickle songs. As I listened and sang along, I came to the conclusion that the last time I performed these songs were 9 years ago. How time flies defies the rise of my eyes, it dries the cries of....sorry about that. I got on a role and couldn't stop.

Play nice this weekend and be safe. I'll check in tomorrow or Monday. Be well.

Peace, mike park

5:39 PM
I'm in friggin Pleasanton at the Apple Store F#CK this place. I should have bought apple stock a few years back. Now it's a friggin zoo in here and doh!! I'm not bitter. I'm on the IPOD fad....yeah, i'm trendy. Oh well. I like how you can use their computers and it's all high speed. YO YO.. There's a guy who looks like eminem trying to hit on Monica. HA HA.. I don't care.
Peace, mike