February 11, 2005
2:45 PM

I missed my writings yesterday. My bad. Please forgive me. The UC RIVERSIDE show was terrible and amazing. Terrible because I played in a big cafeteria whilst random students ate their dinner and I was the zoo animal on display for those lucky students to catch the freak show. But amazing in the sense that I sold all 20 cd's I brought to the show. WOOHOO!!! It turned my mood 180 degrees and I was all smiles the rest of the night.

The girl who drove us to the airport was flying down the freeway, so we had an hour to spare before our flight back home. The plan was to get a snack at the airport, but no restaurants were open. I settled for two candy bars that were given to me for free at the college. My backstage goodies consisted of 6 bottles of water, 2 candy bars, 6 bags of skittles, and like 10 fortune cookies. I ate all the fortune cookies as it was Chinese New Year and the year of the friggin Rooster?? Or is it Rabbit? I don't know.

Basically, I was on a sugar high and felt sick. BUt I'm ok today and that's all that matters. I'm surrounded in paperwork as I try to peel off the work slowly, but surely. Lots to do, little time to do it in. I wish I was like GARFIELD the cat. His motto:SO MUCH TIME, SO LITTLE TO DO...

It's Friday and I have no plans tonight. Monica said she's gonna make me dinner, but maybe I'll make her dinner. YEAH!! That's what I'll do. Good plan. Have a friggin amazing weekend y'all. I'll report back soon.

Peace, mike park