February 09, 2005
8:31 AM

I'm wearing open toe sandals because I have some kind of rash on my feet. I thought it was good ol' athletes foot, but it's starting to bubble and that's not a good sign. The exposure to the cold is numbing my feet which in turn gives me less itch. Good philosophy?? I'm trading itching for a sure chance at catching a cold.

I made Monica go get food at Tofu Com Chiey last night whilst I lay in bed. I was feeling a bit ill so I asked nicely if she would go. That was sweet of her. She's really good. For valentines day I think I'll buy her a burrito. Aint that nice of me? I'm not kidding. The plan is to go to Santa Cruz. I'll take my van so we can put our bikes in and then ride to the taqueria, get burritos and then ride over to the Rio Theater to see the Evens play. This is a new band that has Ian Mackaye playing guitar and singing. He's my all time hero in music, so I'm excited to see the show. I'm actually going on Tuesday and then again on Friday. But yeah, that's my romantic valentines day plan.

I've got 2.5 hours til' I need to depart for the airport. Better get back to work.

Peace, mike park