February 05, 2005
6:55 PM

Hey Hey Hey... I'm sitting in a pseudo coffee shop/head shop with a dude in tye dye(Spelling?) playing with some juggling sticks. It's freaking me out. I woke up this morning feeling pretty much the same way I've felt this entire tour. A bit of a sore throat, but not so bad. But now I'm feeling pretty lousy. I took 800 MG of Ibuprofen, Emergen-C, and now I'm sucking on some ZINC. Always the case for me.....Getting sick right when a tour is finishing up. Oh well. What can I do?

I didn't write yesterday, so let me backtrack to St. Louis, Mo.. We had a whopping 37 people paid at the Creepy Crawl. This may sound bad, but compared to the horrible experience in Kansas City this was a huge show. So no complaints from me.

When I got to the show in St. Louis, I found out there were two local openers playing the show. This was news to me as we were all excited about getting done early and heading straight to Chicago/Elgin. So I told the promoter that we would go on before the openers and that they would play after us. Is that bad? Probably, but I didn't care. We played, packed up, got paid and were on the road by 10:06 PM. The locals were playing while we were loading out. DOH!! It's such a rude thing to do. Oh well. We were off and on the road and that's all that mattered to me at that point.

It was a pleasant drive to be perfectly honest. The conversations in the van were funny. We went through Taco Bell drive thru and got food to eat. Basically we were happy campers. We rolled into Elgin at 3:30 AM. I was dropped off along with Rob, Jason, Chris, and Pat. Neil, Jenny, and Phillip then headed to Chicago. I had a king size bed all to myself. AHHHH!!! ZZZZZZZZZZZ.....

I woke up at 10 AM as Rob came back home from his girfriends house and tried to go back to sleep. Unfortunately for me, that means snoring and I was up and at em... A nice shower and we were off to Robs parents for lunch. They made a stromboli type of meal that was delicious. Our first home cooked meal in 2 weeks. But we had to make it quick as we wanted desperately to beat Chicago traffic.

They recently passed a law to increase road tolls. Unless you buy a thing called the I pass which would give you 1/2 price and would allow you to travel through the tolls without stopping. It's supposed to help the flow of traffic. Well, it worked for us, so no complaining about that.

Getting into Chicago early, we headed to Neil's house and took a power nap, but again i was awoken by Rob who joined me and the snoring woke me up again. Thanks Rob. i think I slept for 5 minutes. Not bad, not good. just unsatisfying. We headed out to the bottom lounge where our show was, but nobody was there. We stood outside for a good hour. Fortunately chicago was having some amazing weather. It had to be in the mid sixties.

My friend Johnny flew from Baltimore just to see the show. Pretty amazing of him. We went on a long walk and visited various thrift stores in the area. I bought two shirts for $2.50. WOOHOO!!! Winner!!

The show was the biggest of the tour with over 300 people in attendance. These very sweet girls made cookies for me. There were a lot of cookies. I still have tons, so I'll be sharing tonight. Thanks for making me smile with your kindness.

Chicago is always great. Got to see lots of friends I hadn't seen in awhile and played what I thought was a pretty good show. After the show finished I didn't have the energy to go out, so I went back to the suburbs with Rob and his girlfriend Kate. Again, I had my own bed, but had a hard time sleeping. Oh well. The body will sleep when it needs to. Well, it looks like things are finally getting started here. The sound man is setting up, so I better get going. Be well people. Geeeeeezzzz.. I wrote a lot. SORRY.
Peace, mike park