February 02, 2005
2:35 PM

We're back in the van headed south on I-29 towards Kansas City. It's the shortest drive of the tour. A whopping three hours and we'll be in KC. I just ate an entire bag of chips. Healthy? Damn right. We visited the Saddle Creek office and got a bunch of free swag. Free stuff is good stuff. I'll sell it all on EBAY when I get home. Just Kidding..

Omaha was great. The weather has held up quite nicely the past few days. Supposedly the sun will continue throughout the weekend. Me hopes so. We met a new band called Youth In Asia. They were from Lincoln, Ne.. Playing punk fu#$ing rock. I think they intimidated Jenny Choi, so she sang with more gruff vocals. She's funny like that. Me and Jenny made a guess on how many asians would be at the show. I guessed 5, she guessed two. We were both wrong, but I guess she was a bit closer than me.

3/5 of CURSIVE came to the show. It was nice to see them all. We stayed at CLINTS(Cursive drummer) house. A real home....Nice....Clean...Free Food....ahhhhh.....Clint played drums for Bright Eyes on the Rock For Change tour with Bruce Springstein. He had some amazing stories. Hanging out with the Boss and Max Weinberg. I would have talked about Conan O'Brien with Max, but that's just me. Damn, I wish I could have witnessed the shows. They played in front of 15,000 people each night. Crazy.

Clint and his wife Susan can drink a lot of alcohol. It was a friggin Tuesday night and them along with their friends and some of colossal stayed up until 5:30 AM partying. I tried to keep up, but conked out at around 4 AM. ARGGHHH!!! I feel pretty useless right now. Extremely tired and a headache to boot. For some reason I feel oblilgated to drink when I'm in the presence of the CURSIVE gang. A lady friend of the Cursive gang told me I was everything she looked for in a boyfriend. Damn..... I smiled and said thanks. She was a beautiful woman.

Anyways, we're down to the last 4 shows. I have no idea how the show is going to go tonight? I've only played KC once before and I played first out of like 8 bands. DOH!! We'll see I guess. I'm pretty hungry right now. I had some eggs and toast for breakfast, but now I'm desiring something of more substance. Perhaps a piece of pizza. A burrito would be nice. Ugghhhh... My head hurts. Be well y'all.
Peace, mike park