February 01, 2005
1:39 PM

Here we go again.....It's not so bad weather wise in beautiful Omaha. We just ate lunch at a casino in Council Bluffs, Ia.. I ate the shiiiite out of it and still feel like I can eat more. That's always a good sign. We walked through the casino, but the smoke was blinding and my head aches. I probably smoked the equivilance to 2 packs from all the second hand smoke. Oh well.... The saddest sight was seeing an elderly lady playing the slot machines with a respirator hooked beside her. Ahhhh...... America!! Aint it lovely?

We finally arrived in Omaha last night at around 11PM. I desperately called everyone I know in the area to see if we could crash at their house. It was a bit awkward asking people you don't totally know super well to see if myself along with 6 strangers could crash at their pad. Anyways, I got a hold of Ted from the band Cursive and he was sweet enough to let us all stay there. Ahhhh... That was such a nice thing. He offered us some old style type beer and a warm home.

We're all sitting in the van at the Hampton Inn parking lot. So the picture is 8 people in a van with 5 laptops all getting free wireless. WOOHOO!!! We're geeks. We made Jenny Choi go inside and get the password. She suceeded!! Good job.

I 've got to finish up here as we're gonna go to a movie before the show tonight. Be well y'all.

Peace, mike park