January 30, 2005
11:56 AM

I'm sitting on the second bench seat of the red/burgundy van that colossal owns on route to Denver from Santa Fe. We are traveling north on I-25 and are surrounded by white snow as far as the eye can see. Fortunately the highway is clear and hopefully that's the case all the way to Denver.

We played at the Warehouse 21 in Santa Fe last night. It's the 3rd non-profit space that we've played this tour. Pretty cool considering the fact that I'm trying to open up a non-profit venue in San Jose. Just being able to talk to the people running the spaces and asking questions has been quite helpful.

The promoter for last nights show was a friend of mine named Alex. For dinner, he made rice. And what else you ask?? That's it. Just rice. Oh and soy sauce. And some fruit. It was kind of strange, but to be honest it was definitely enjoyed by everyone. It's crazy how a simple meal can really go a long way. When you're on tour, the smallest effort to make the band comfortable is extremely appreciated. He didn't have to make us anything, but he made the effort to bring us something and therefore he is a good, good, good boy.

The show started at 7 PM and at around 6 PM, the hail started coming down and then the snow followed. The locals told us that they had amazing weather the past few weeks, but of course we came in to ruin everything. Oh well. There were 86 people that paid to get in and though that was dissapointing, the ones that came were extremely gracious and energetic. So thanks Santa Fe for being you.

Also, another interesting thing that happened.........Well, not that night, but the prior night. Hmmmm... let me back track. I made posters that has a picture of me and Michael Moore. In big letters it says MICHAEL MOORE and then underneath that in small letters it says "Has a friend named Mike Park" and then at the bottom in big writing it says APPEARING: and then I fill out the space at the bottom with the bands and the venue name, etc.. Pretty funny. I thought it was witty, but for some reason at the show the previous night a bunch of kids were angered by it. I wasn't there, so I don't know how angry they were. I can just go on what I was told and they were really mad. MAD? Why? It was meant to be funny. They had graffiti'd the posters saying that it was for $$$$. The show was $5 and I got paid $75. Strange and I shouldn't even care, but it kind of disturbed me. Oh well. What can I do.

After the show, we went to one of the volunteers at the clubs parents home. His name was Winston(he did sound that night) and he lived in this beautiful home that had a guest house. We stayed at the guest house and were blessed with comfortable beds, clean bathrooms, food, drinks, and more smiles than we could handle. The only downfall to all of this was the amount of people that came over. I went to sleep right away at around 12:30 AM, but these young kids were up til' past 5 AM and they were extremely loud. I had a rough nights sleep, but still am very grateful for the place.

We woke up early trying to give us enough time to get to Denver considering the snow. Our first obstacle came quickly as the van slipped on the snow and we were quickly stuck. We had to unhook the trailor, back the van out and rehook the trailor. Easier said than done. In addition to all of us, we had another 4 kids who were friends with Winston pushing the van to get us moving. But we made it. We nearly got in an accident early on in as a car skidded out just in front of us and we swerved to miss it. If there was a car to the left of us we would have been in a wreck. Driving is scary!!! Well, we still have about 5 hours left in this drive. Wish us luck. Be well.
Mike Park