January 29, 2005
11:27 AM

I'm sitting at gate C9 at the Phoenix Intl. Airport. Actually, I have no idea if that's the name. I just know that I'm in Phoenix. Last night was interesting. I flew from LA to Phoenix as the rest of the touring crew drove from LA. Yeah, I know... Pretty rock star of me, but I got a bunch of free tickets that are going to expire, so use them now or never. Well, Colossal ran into some of the worst traffic imaginable. It was almost 2 PM and they were still in LA. It took them 2 and a half hours to travel 38 miles. Sounds like fun!

As I arrived in Phoenix I checked my messages and heard from Colossal that they were extremely late. It looked like they wouldn't be getting in til' 9:45 PM. I just told them to get here as fast as they can and I'll make things work. Doors opened at 8 PM, the first band was on stage at 8:30 and finished at 9:08. Still no Colossal or Jenny Choi. What to do?? I had no guitar, no merchandise, no bands, no nothing. So I borrowed the opening bands guitar and decided I would play some songs to pass the time, but instead I just told stories for 20 minutes. And to be honest, it was extremely fun. Hopefully people enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed presenting the stories. Thankfully I was saved when the crew showed up. Everyone got to play their set and I got to play my full set at the end. What could have been a disasterous evening turned out to be a wonderful experience for me. It will be remembered as the first time I got to just speak in front of a crowd. I could get used to that.

A young gentleman brought me a homemade CRIMPSHRINE t-shirt and the sweetest girl with a boys name brought two cheese pizzas for all of us to eat. I know the boys in Colossal were especially grateful for this meal as they had been couped up in their van for so long. Monicas sister lives in Phoenix and we stayed at her apartment. They have a jacuzzi and pool at the complex there and I got to soak for a good 20 minutes. AHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh..... It felt good. Well, I better get going. I'm off to Santa Fe tonight. Should be fun as there's tons of wonderful people that I've met there. Be well.

Peace always,
Mike Park