January 28, 2005
8:47 AM

I don't know why I'm awake? I'm on friggin tour and I should be sleeping. That's what you do on tour. You stay out late and then wake up late. But my mind is doing the little dance called thinking and it must be listening to grind core cause it's racing pretty hard.

Last night we officially started our short 9 day tour out to Chicago. First stop, the city of Angels. Monica is with me for the first two shows, so we flew into LAX and were picked up by our friend Chris. Battling LA traffic didn't seem like the most exciting thing to do, so we took side streets down to Hollywood and straight to the Knitting Factory. Only about an hour drive, with a grand total of 20 miles of area being covered. Chris had said if we took the freeway it would have been 2 hours and I certainly would have lost my mind.

Colossal and Jenny Choi were already at the Knitting Factory and the day started with the fun task of loading in, soundchecking and just waiting. My least favorite thing to do. WAIT...... That's why I love going on first. No waiting. You play and it's over. Ahhhhh.... That's like a dream come true.

I really love this club. This makes LA tolerable. The physical task of coming to LA and dealing with the attitudes of the clubs can drive one crazy, but the folks at the Knitting Factory are good peeps. I always play the small lounge which only has a capacity of 100 people. 103 people paid last night, which technically made it a friggin SOLD OUT SHOW!! But they would have let more people in, so it's nothing special.

As for the show itself......... not so good on my part. I played poorly and unfortunately I let things get to me and just couldn't get over the fact that I sucked. I don't think anyone could tell, but I knew. Oh well. You gotta just let that stuff pass. ARGGHHH!!!! Tonight is Phoenix. Colossal and Jenny Choi are already on the road, but I'm flying cause I'm spoiled. It's raining like crazy. I hope we don't crash. I shouldn't jinx it. ME SCARED TO FLY.......
Peace always,
Mike Park