January 26, 2005
9:24 AM

Happy Wednesday. I'm lying in bed with three pillows under my knees. I heard this is good for the back and perhaps it is because I had a fantastic nights sleep. I finished my new record and now will spend the next 2 weeks listening to make sure I am happy with the vocals, the performances, and other fun things like that. So far so good.

I got back home in time to eat some yummy vegan food and then went to a movie called HOTEL RWANDA. This my friends is one intense movie. It made me super duper sad to the point that I had to fight back the tears. Please watch it as you will be inspired.

The boys in Colossal are stuck in Santa Rosa. Waiting for their van to get fixed. Luckily Mr. Steve Choi's mom is out of town and they are staying with him. I'm just kind of waiting for them to call me so I can friggin find out what time we leave for LA. Ok, I better go. Be good.
Mike Park