January 24, 2005
8:27 AM

Happy Monday morning. I’m sitting in the dark at a hotel room in Rohnert Park, Ca.. A purchase I made on Hotwire turned out to be a dump. It was a two star hotel, but this my friends is NO 2 star hotel. One star at best. And the room is smaller than usual. Myself, Rob Kellenberger, and Jenny Choi are staying here for two nights. For the past week, we’ve been sleeping on the floor of the studio, but with 6 people we thought that was just too much, so I opted for the hotel to make things more comfortable for all. Oh well. You win some, you lose some.

Jenny woke up early and is wandering about outside as the slumbering Rob Kellenberger snores peacefully. Jenny arrived yesterday from Chicago to start recording cello and piano for my record. It’s been non-stop for the past two weeks and remembering to breathe is sometimes difficult. The recording process is a difficult one and my passion for stress is on high. We were all blessed with a break in the action this past Saturday. We got to play a show at 924 GILMAN ST. in Berkeley. For those unfamiliar, GILMAN ST. is a non-profit co-op that has been putting on shows since 1987. All volunteer run and just a special place to play at. Great show…good vibe and most importantly a good chance to forget about recording a record.

We didn’t even start recording til’ 2 PM yesterday and it was extremely difficult to get motivated. There were tons of people in the other room and I could hear voices of excitement doing something and there was nothing more I’d rather be doing than joining them. I didn’t want to do vocals anymore, but sludged forward. Finally at 7:30 PM I gave up and called it a night. BLAHHHH… That’s how I felt. A bunch of people were going to play tennis down the street. Ooooh…. That sounded fun. Even though it was freezing out, I just wanted to do something that didn’t involve sitting.

It was quite a sight to be honest. Nobody looked like a tennis player. Roger was wearing a black leather jacket. I had a button up shirt with creepers on and everybody else was dressed in similar fashion. The courts were poorly lighted and it costs $.25 per every ten minutes. I think we spent a whopping $2.00. Come to think of it, I left about $3 in quarters on top of the machine. DOH!! I wonder if they’re still there? Well, I better get going. Be well and have a wonderful week.
Mike Park