January 20, 2005
2:52 AM

My nerves are shot. You see, the recording process is very tedious for me. Where some people love the whole experience, it's one that makes me cringe. Maybe it's because I'm always the one paying for the recording. Maybe if I was on a big label that gave me tons of money, I could just relax and laugh at the mistakes made in the studio as the meter kept ticking and the cost kept rising. Whatever, this is normal for me. Things are well and the album is sounding great.

Steve Choi is engineering, which I didn't even know until I got up here to Petaluma. We've been sleeping on the floor of the studio, which hasn't been so bad. The studio is pitch black and without the use of an alarm we end up sleeping til' noon. Not so productive under those conditions. But shoooootzzz.... I need to update more, but I've got to friggin go right now. Be well y'all.

Peace always,
Mike Park