January 14, 2005
6:37 AM

No!!! That is not a typo. I am friggin the EARLY BIRD and I like getting up when it's still dark. Actually, it's not that far off from my normal risings. 8:30 is usually when my alarm is set for, but I have some serious work to do. I'm gonna work for three hours, head off to practice at 10 AM and then jump on a plane to Las Vegas.

And it's not for fun. It's for work.. My distribution for Asian Man Records just changed ownership to a place called Lumberjack and there's a meeting of the labels here.
Here's a better explanation of what I'll be doing in the next 48 hours or so:
10 AM-Practice til' 12:30 PM
1PM-arrive at the airport
2PM-flight leaves for Vegas
3:25 PM-arrive in Vegas
4:00 PM-arrive at hotel, relax for a bit.
5:30 PM-meeting until 8 PM
11:00 AM-Meetings until 6 PM
7:10 PM-Flight leaves for San Jose
8:30 PM-arrive in San Jose, where I will get picked up and taken straight to practice
9:00 PM-practice til' whenever the body can't take it anymore
Sleep afterwards

Practice all day as this is the last chance to work out the gliches for recording which starts on Monday. Be well... Wish me and my aching back luck.

Peace always,
Mike Park

6:38 PM Saturday, Jan. 15th
I'm at the airport in Las Vegas. My eyes are burning from all the cigarette smoke. The guitarist for the bouncing souls gave me eyedrops from Japan that have caffeine in them. Not sure that was such a good idea. I'm wired, but my eyes hurt so much. Got to board the plane...be good