January 12, 2005
11:12 AM

In a perfect world, everyone would be all smiles and a hello would be graced upon you when passing a stranger. But this is no perfect world. We got yelled at yesterday during our practice. I rented a studio at a place called the Practice Place in San Jose. It's on 4th street about 4 miles from my house. It's quite a nice place. Our first contact was amazing as Monday at around noon, there was not a single band practicing in the entire place. But as we returned at night, the place was packed!!

And the metal bands were in full effect. And the realization that this place wasn't the most sound proof had my ears bleeding for mercy. Back to the yelling. I've written a few slow songs on this new record and we heard someone yelling at us and it was from the practice space next to us. There was a small gap in the ceiling and they called us PUSSIES. Isn't that nice?? Pussy. I like that word, so I took it as a compliment. Why is the metal band being mean?? I like metal, why don't they like pussy music?? Hmmmmm....

I had a massage on my back yesterday, but it doesn't feel any better. It cost me $70 with a $5 tip. Should I call a doctor? What will he say? "Take two of these and get plenty of rest". That's what he'll say. Dammnit!!!! Well, I'm late for rehearsal. The songs are sounding great. Hopefully you think the same when they're recorded.
Peace always,
Mike Park