January 10, 2005
1:43 PM

My back is still in severe pain, though I've been doing stretches daily. Plus, a goood 30 minutes a day has been spent at the YMCA jacuzzi. My body seems to have broken down, as I've finally made an appointment with a message therapist. $65/HR....DOH!! My fingers are crossed that this will be the secret ingredient to a pain free back.

The members of Colossal arrived in San Jose at 1 AM today. A good 24 hours off their scheduled arrival. Me and Monica had spent Friday evening cooking in preparation of a nice meal for the guys, but were left with lots of food and nobody to serve it to. So tonight, we'll try to salvage the taste of leftovers to that of fresh food.

This is crunch week for me. Exactly seven days from now I'll be entering the studio to record my new record solo record. I have 13 new songs which I've never played with a full band. I'm a bit nervous, excited, and curious about everything. I hate practice, but I'll make the best of it. Perhaps I'll liquor it up or get high!! Just kidding. Regardless, it will fun. Rob Kellenberger(Drummer of Colossal) is my super friend and he makes me laugh always.

Practice is in 4 hours, I better get back to work. Be well.
Peace always,
Mike Park