January 04, 2005

ATTENTION: Do you live in any of these markets? Would you be willing to help put up posters and flyers for these upcoming shows I'm doing? Well, if you can help out please email me at mikeasianman@aol.com
22nd: CA Berkeley @ GILMAN ST
27th: CA, Los Angeles @ ALTERKNIT LOUNGE (Knitting Factory)
28th: AZ, Phoenix @ MODIFIED ARTS
29th: NM, Santa Fe @ WAREHOUSE 21
30th: CO, Denver @ THE CLIMAX
2nd: MO, Kansas City @ EL TORREAN
3rd: MO, St. Louis @ CREEPY CRAWL
4th: IL, Chicago @ BOTTOM LOUNGE
5th: IL, Rockford @ THE MINGLEWOOD

9:59 AM
How often does one need to go to the dentist? I'm trying to think back to when I went last and to be honest.....I have no idea? My teeth are ok, but my wisdom teeth are hurting today. I'm gonna take some aspirin and hopefully that will help.

I bought an electric toothbrush before the holidays. It vibrates for two minutes and then there's a series of jolts that tells you it's been two minutes. That's the suggested time that you should brush your teeth. I never knew two minutes could last so long. That has me wondering how long I used to brush my teeth. My guess is less than a minute. The theory was as long as the brush hits the tooth, then it's friggin clean.

On Saturday, the band Colossal arrives in good ol' San Jose. We start rehearsals on Monday for my new record. Is one week enough? Considering I hate practice, I say yes. It's more time than I've spent on any other record. And then the following week, we head up to Petaluma to record my new album. I'm pretty excited to be honest. I really like the new songs and I'm excited to record with a full band.

Well, my mom is yelling at me to come eat breakfast, so I better go. Be well..

Peace always,
Mike Park