January 02, 2005

ATTENTION: Do you live in any of these markets? Would you be willing to help put up posters and flyers for these upcoming shows I'm doing? Well, if you can help out please email me at mikeasianman@aol.com
22nd: CA Berkeley @ GILMAN ST
27th: CA, Los Angeles @ ALTERKNIT LOUNGE (Knitting Factory)
28th: AZ, Phoenix @ MODIFIED ARTS
29th: NM, Santa Fe @ WAREHOUSE 21
30th: CO, Denver @ THE CLIMAX
2nd: MO, Kansas City @ EL TORREAN
3rd: MO, St. Louis @ CREEPY CRAWL
4th: IL, Chicago @ BOTTOM LOUNGE
5th: IL, Rockford @ THE MINGLEWOOD

2:41 PM
Happy New Years and all that crap!! I'm so relieved it's all over and some kind of normality can come back into place. Why is it that holidays hold such trivial meaning to people. I can understand if it's religious and you are celebrating that, but to just be enamored by the society pretense that Xmas, New Years Eve, New Years day, Thanksgiving, etc.. are supposed to be these unrealistic power holidays is a fool. It makes people miserable and stresses the heck out of everyone. You see, I live life like it's Xmas everyday. I am not a grinch or a scrooge, I am a good person, but I think this holiday drove me crazy and I'm just relieved it's over. SMILES!! and SIGH.....
Peace always,
Mike Park