December 30, 2004
9:38 AM

ATTENTION: Do you live in any of these markets? Would you be willing to help put up posters and flyers for these upcoming shows I'm doing? Well, if you can help out please email me at
22nd: CA Berkeley @ GILMAN ST
27th: CA, Los Angeles @ ALTERKNIT LOUNGE (Knitting Factory)
28th: AZ, Phoenix @ MODIFIED ARTS
29th: NM, Santa Fe @ WAREHOUSE 21
30th: CO, Denver @ THE CLIMAX
2nd: MO, Kansas City @ EL TORREAN
3rd: MO, St. Louis @ CREEPY CRAWL
4th: IL, Chicago @ BOTTOM LOUNGE
5th: IL, Rockford @ THE MINGLEWOOD

I have a brand new car. I got a civic hybrid. Runs on friggin electricity and gasoline. I'm a winner!!!!!

This is the first time I've ever had a new car. Let's go down the list of the cars in my life.

A.1986-I get my license with a passing score of 71. I'm stuck driving my parents cars when they let me.

B.1987-My sister goes away to college and I get her 1980 Honda civic hatchback. It's a great car, but I damage the transmission after doing donuts in the parking lot of the restaurant I work at.

C.1989-I get a green 1974 Plymouth Duster. Does anyone remember the DUSTER? It had a sticker on the back that was cartoonish of a dust cloud. There was something wrong with the radiator and my car would fill up with smoke. I had to drive with the windows down. The car cost $500. The tire also fell off while I was driving. That was weird. My dad took me to the junk yard and we fixed it ourselves. Actually he did all the work. I just stood there watching.

D.1992-This period of time is kind of vague. I remember a red car that I was borrowing from a friend of my family. That car lasted less than three months. And I know I was car-less for a bit and then I had a truck. The truck was also owned by a family friend. I think they owed my dad money. I remember him speaking to them and asking for the car as collatoral. I just stood and watched. It was stick shift and I stalled a lot.

E.1994-Mazda 626. Yeah, I friggin won it at a car auction. My dad did the bidding. I just stood there and watched. I think it was a fairly new car. 1990?? Hmmm... I didn't really have a good relationship with this car. I drove it for about 4 years though.

F.1998-a 1994 Mazda MPV mini van. When my father passed away I started driving the mini van and I gave the 626 to my sister. I loved the mini van. It felt like it was gonna conk out back then, but it just kept going. I donated it to a non-profit 2 weeks ago.

And now I have the hybrid civic. Good for the environment and good for me. 50 miles to the gallon. WOW!! FUN FUN FUN
Peace always,
Mike Park