October 05, 2003
2:04 PM

I've been dreading writing anything this morning as my temper has flared to unmeasureable degrees and my mouth is censored due to the fact that I can't stop saying obscene expletives about the Oakland A's and their failure to close out the playoffs against the Red Sox. I just don't understand. Anyways, I need to get off the topic. I bet 99% of the people who read this could care less about baseball and I wish I was part of that majority. In less than 19 hours I will be leaving for Japan and whenever I leave for a trip my stress level rises and I freak out no matter what. Why do I do this?? I have no idea, but today is no different. For some reason I feel like I'm screwing something up and I'm forgetting something. I just can't relax. Oh boy.. Be efficient I keep telling myself, but most of the time my mind is on pause and I just sit there and day dream. Come on Mike, get out of your cloud. I'm gonna go now. I'll try to keep this newsletter going in Japan if I can hook up to the internet. Wish me luck. I'm listening to the Clash-London Calling right now. Thinking about how nice it would be if I could go for a bike ride and not do work. Oh well. Take care all. Be safe.

Peace always, Mike Park