December 29, 2004

ATTENTION: Do you live in any of these markets? Would you be willing to help put up posters and flyers for these upcoming shows I'm doing? Well, if you can help out please email me at
22nd: CA Berkeley @ GILMAN ST
27th: CA, Los Angeles @ ALTERKNIT LOUNGE (Knitting Factory)
28th: AZ, Phoenix @ MODIFIED ARTS
29th: NM, Santa Fe @ WAREHOUSE 21
30th: CO, Denver @ THE CLIMAX
2nd: MO, Kansas City @ EL TORREAN
3rd: MO, St. Louis @ CREEPY CRAWL
4th: IL, Chicago @ BOTTOM LOUNGE
5th: IL, Rockford @ THE MINGLEWOOD

10:43 AM
I've been going to the library quite a bit lately. It's a whole different world. Just a short bike ride away is the San Jose Public library which shares it's space with San Jose St.. 4 Stories high and brand new. Just finished last year. Ethernet cables are found on every floor for you to just plug in your laptop and BAM!! You've got free high speed internet. It's friggin amazing. But the most powerful realization of the library is the free DVD'S and CD'S. The selection is amazing.

Has anybody heard the new William Shatner record? Yeah, I'm talking about Capt. Kirk from Star Trek. It's one of the best albums of the year. There's a track that's called "You'll Have Time". It's amazing and seriously has changed my outlook on life. I'm living my life according to this song.

That song and the television show FREAKS AND GEEKS. I've never even heard of this show. Since I've been trying to cut tv out of my life, there's just no way for me to keep up with the shows of the last decade, but freaks and geeks was highly recomended and it rules. Just rent the friggin thing and you'll know what I'm talking about. Both of these gems were free at the library. I also got the Flaming Lips, The Ramones, Bob Marley, Charlie Parker, ABBA, Soundtrack for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Belle and Sebastian, Bob Dylan, and tons more. I've been loading them into my computer and dumping them onto Monicas IPOD. YIKES!! I'm bad.

I stepped on the scale yesterday at the gym and I've gained exactly 14 pounds since I went to England in November. That's a lot of weight to gain in less than 2 months. I think this is the reason my back hurts so much. It's like lugging a sack of potatoes with me everywhere I go. So yesterday I started my official "WATCH WHAT YOU EAT" campaign. Even that would be considered pretty bad eating by most. I'm notorious for eating large quantities of food without gaining weight. But I think the mass amounts of movie popcorn with loads of butter is the culprit. Monica loves buttered popcorn and they just friggin layer that shiiite on there. I'm already a big guy, standing at 6'2" and weight 196 lbs, but now I'm 210 pounds!! That's no good...... Anyways, I better get back to work. Be well. Enjoy your Wednesday.
Peace always,
Mike Park