December 25, 2004
9:26 PM


This past week has been a complicated one. I went from standing in line at the Southwest Airlines ticket counter to a bus headed back to my apartment. In a unfortunate turn of events, my girlfriend Monica received a phone call informing her of the death of her uncle whilst at the San Jose Airport. We immediately left and hopped on a bus back home. I drove her up to her aunts house in Pleasanton, Ca. to be with family.

I had never met her uncle, but I know she was close to him. It tore my heart up to see her break down in grief. And though I missed my chance to go to Chicago and see one of my favorite bands(The Blue Meanies) play a one time reunion show, I can't hold any blame on anyone. That is life my friends and I need appreciate it more than ever. Xmas is nearly over. Less than three hours remain and then we start all over again. I'm not quite sure what the new year has in store for me, but I am marching forward with open eyes and an open mind.

Peace always,
Mike Park