December 21, 2004
8:13 AM

Spending a weekend in Los Angeles a week before X-mas can be deceiving. I mean..the lights were up and the songs about the jolly ol' fat man were blaring, but it was 82 degrees out. My scarf, my gloves, my jacket. Who needed them? Everyone was in shorts and a t-shirt.

I got into LAX at 11:15 PM and got picked up by my friend Chris. After a small blast of traffic we headed out to see the boys in Alkaline Trio. They were recording for their new record in this studio called CONWAY STUDIOS. It was fancy shmancy. Heavy D was in the studio next door and Rob Zombie was two doors down. They had this beautiful lounge area with Pool Table, Foosball, and an espresso machine. I had two shots right away. Mostly because it was free. And cookies and bagels. Ahhhhh.... sigh. I wonder if I'll ever record in such luxurious surroundings???

At around 1 AM the band called it a night as Matt was falling asleep. Their drummer Derek had just left town for two days, so they had an extra bed in their rented apartment. It was this nice place called the Oakwoods. Anyways, I got my own bed which was important for my ailing back. And it was a king size bed too. When I first moved out on my own, I moved into the Oakwood Apartments. I'm pretty sure it's the same company. Hmmm... Anyways, I slept well and that's always nice.

The next day I went back to the studio, drank some tea and hung out for a bit. Eventually, I left to start working on a music video. The director was named Chris and he had written a treatment for the song and had cast actors and everything. It was pretty neat to see how together he was with the video. He even bought snacks and beverages. DAMN!! I need to send him a thank you card or something. The next two days were engulfed in VIDEO SHOOTING. Which was fine with me, since that was the reason I was there. I flew back yesterday and now I'm leaving for Chicago tomorrow. My mind seems crazed, but there's no time to stress. I'll be fine. I'll have my computer, so I'm sure I'll be writing on the plane, so expect lots of writing in the next few days. Be well.
Peace always,
Mike Park