December 16, 2004
7:29 AM

It's early. But with the Presto Heat Dish blasting in my face, being cold is not an issue. I'm trying to get an early start. Is that so bad? I'm leaving for LA in a few hours. the reason you ask? Well, I'm filming a video for the song SUPPOSED TO BE THERE TOO. A friend of a friend is going to do it for free, so why not?

Yesterday was a sad day for me. I donated my white MAZDA MPV and it's 160,000 miles to charity. Two women named Anne and Rhonda came to Asian Man at around 2:30 PM and took my dear car away. It was sad. And I didn't have a camera to take a goodbye shot. It's weird to have emotions for a vehicle, but I was truly taken by the moment. It looked like a big panda bear and friends even got accustomed to calling my dear van PANDA. BYE PANDA!! BYE BYE

My back is killing me. It seems to be getting worse. I'm wearing a back brace and even iced my back for 20 minutes. What's the deal? Any suggestions? My life is a bore these last few weeks, but I feel out of my mind busy. I guess having the responsibility of real work makes the body and soul tired. Usually after work, I muster enough energy to go to the gym for a quick workout and by the time I get home I can barely move. It's usually dinner, some reading and sleep. BOO on me. It won't last. I won't let it last.
Peace always,
Mike Park