December 13, 2004
2:39 PM

Work work work
That's what I'm all about these days. And that's why there's such a lull in blogging from me.

SO hopefully these short blurbs are better than nothing. Weekend flew by and now it's 12 days til' xmas?? Got an early gift from Monicas parents. They overnighted 4 lobsters from Maine. We never cooked Lobsters and were scared. We threw them in a pot and ran into the other room cause we didn't want to hear them scream. ARGGHHH!!! That was a very generous gift and suprise. I bet it cost a fortune!! Just the shipping must have been like $70.

My friend Eidelyn had a XMAS party on Saturday. There was a drunk asian boy that fell down repeatedly and then at around 1 AM he knocked over a table and that meant TIME TO GO!! It was fun, I wish I danced more, but it didn't happen. Eidelyn looks like the Mermaid in the new SPONGE BOB movie.

Back to work.
Mike Park