December 06, 2004
10:21 AM

I've gotten a late start on the day as I've just awoken from a hearty night of slumber. It's interesting to me that my internal alarm doesn't click in. It all depends on the alarm to get me up. I wonder if I could sleep 24 hours if I didn't use an alarm? I did stay in bed once from around midnight til' 7 PM the next day.

A suprise phone call from my friend Pete put me and Monica on a bus towards Santa Cruz on Saturday. Pete works for the Weakerthans and put us on the guest list. Since my car is on the DO NOT TRUST list, I didn't dare risk driving over HWY 17. So the bus was the next option. I love the bus. We took our bikes and got to go for a ride through downtown towards Dan Potthasts apartment. He has a broken toe and is in extreme pain. Poor guy. He's got MU330 shows coming up this month and he'll have to play lying down with his foot raised. We ate salad at Dans house. A strange offering of food, but delicious. Usually, it's "Do you want some Chips and Salsa"? Not, "Do you want salad"? Maybe that will be the new snack food of the future. A couple people stopped by through the night and the next thing we know it was 10:15 PM, so we headed off to the show.

The crowd at the Weakerthans were a strange mix of hipster teenagers who seemed more concerned about their hair cuts than the music. Maybe I am too old to understand, but I remember shows being so fun and people being happy. Smiling faces all around. The Weakerthans were great, don't let me forget the important fact. The music was moving and the crowd really did love them. I think the people that were there for the opening bands must have been the guilty as it cleared out quite a bit when the Weakerthans finally hit the stage. I missed the opening bands, but caught the last few songs of LUCERO. I can't remember the other bands names, but it was something along the lines of MURDER BY THE SUN DRENCHED....Something like that. It seems like all the new bands coming out have weird names like BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME, FEAR BEFORE THE MARCH OF FLAMES, BURY YOUR DEAD,and I'm just getting these names off the Victory Records site alone. I could come up with some amazing names for bands. How about DRENCHED IN BLOOD STAINED MISERY. Or DEATH BETWEEN HORROR AND BLOOD. Or MY BLOODY STAINED HORROR OF TREES FROM PAINTING DEAD CARCASSES.

The show got out a little past midnight and we headed back to Dans house to crash out. Dan and his girlfriend Shannon were watching NEVER BEEN KISSED with Drew Berrymore. They have two dogs and one of them named RUPY really likes me. She likes to lick my face. I let her because she's so sweet. 5 hours of sleep got us up at 7:30 AM and back to the bus depot and in San Jose at 9 AM. The annual XMAS parade was happening and we walked through seeing a giant ELMO and FELIX the CAT. Finally getting back home at 10:30 AM we fell asleep to the sounds of William Shatner.

Mike Park