December 04, 2004
8:57 AM

It's Saturday morning! Not a cloud in the sky, but it's still awfully cold. I had a 3 PM doctors appointment yesterday to check out my swollen gland behind my right ear, but I canceled. Why did I cancel? I hate doctors. It feels like it's going away, but I'm sure it's not the smartest thing to try and avoid something like this.

Me and Monica rode our bikes to Japan town last night to see Petty Booka. They are a Japanese duo from Tokyo. Two women on Ukelele's. It was my third time seeing them. They are cute, sing beautiful harmonies, and shred on the Ukelele. It was a themed show for them. XMAS in HAWAII? Weird. How did they come up with this? But it was funny as they sang a lot of Hawaiin songs about XMAS. And they would say we don't know what the words mean and they would giggle. HA HA

The show was over by 8:06 PM. Total time with opening act-1 HR, 3 MIN. That's a quick show. Actually, that's how all shows should be. Think about all the shows you've gone to and have wondered "when the F*CK is this gonna be over". Do you like how I use these symbols #*@ when using profanity. It's to show the world that I am a good person and don't want to influence the youth with foul mouthed banter.

Our evening concluded with SUSHI and then a brisk, but enjoyable ride home. I tried writing some music last night, but failed!! I'm gonna try again right now. Wish me luck.

Mike Park