December 02, 2004
8:21 AM

Sitting cross legged atop my bed, I've just researched on the webMD site(A self medical advice site) a swollen gland that I've discovered behind my right ear. It's either a simple result of a cold or it's a tumor. Let's hope it's not the latter. I'm not so keen on the idea.

I braved the mall last night for the first time in god knows how long. But it wasn't so bad since it was a Wednesday after 8 PM. I basically went window shopping to compare prices. I'll end up buying everything online in the next few days. Went into the BROOKSTONE store that has all the gadgets and sat in their message chair. Oh how I love that. I don't think the manager liked me though. He kept giving me dirty looks. F#CK that guy!!

Today is Thursday. Woopdeedoo!!

Mike Park