December 01, 2004
11:07 AM

I'm trying my hardest to soak up all the insanity. This insanity I speak of is XMAS. Living downtown in a community centered around family fun, the number of holiday displays is plentiful. Fake snow is blowing out on the corners for no apparent reason and the freezing weather fools you into thinking that perhaps we are in the east coast experiencing the normality which is snow.

For some odd reason Monica wanted to see a movie called National Treasure last night. She said, let's just see a blow up action type movie where we don't have to think. I agreed to it and will never do so again. We could have seen KINSEY!!

The funniest part of the movie was seeing John Voight and Harvey Keitel. Do they really need to do these movies? I just saw an episode of Seinfeld where George thinks he bought John Voights car. That's all I could think of during his scenes. Yeah, I'm easily ammused. Luckily we got in free due to the girl taking tickets RULING!! I asked her if Manny(Friend that works there) was working and she said nope. And while we were starting to walk away, she said "If you want to see a movie just go ahead and come on in. SMILE!!

Mike Park