November 24, 2004
9:59 AM

ATTENTION:My friend from Omaha(I forgot your name??) who came to St. Louis and KC to see me. I lost your email and I was able to get your band on the show in Omaha, you just need to email me...

I'm back home. Eating an omelet whilst typing. My mouth is full and my taste buds are happy. Is it spoiled when your mom makes you breakfast every morning? Hmmmm... Probably, but I'm not complaining.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving? Oh boy. I can't believe it. But I'm excited for all the good food and leftovers. Stuffing is my favorite. I can eat it for weeks and weeks.

Tonight I'm headed to Santa Cruz for an early Thanksgiving dinner with friends. Every year a group of friends get together for something called BROS-GIVING. Pretty silly name, but really fun. These are good people. And I'm probably more excited for this meal than the one with family tomorrow.

I went to TOFU COM CHIEY last night and saw Ben preparing the VEGAN TURKEYS. I ordered two and will pick them up for tonights feast. I got a couple drumsticks and then went to the movies with Monica. She got a veggie pork sandwhich and we stashed it in her backpack to consume during a movie.

Unfortunately our friend Manny wasn't working so we didn't get hooked up with a free flick, but we did get free popcorn with our free refills large sized popcorn bag that we keep with us. It's starting to get a little torn up, but I think it will work for a few more movie outings. I make Monica get the refill cause I'm too scared of getting in trouble. It took her awhile to get the refill as I sat worried in the theater. I thought the worst had happened, but then realized "What really could be the worst"?? JAIL?? Hmmmmm... Anyways, we saw the Bridgett Jones movie and I had time staying awake since I had been up since 5 AM due to the traveling, jet lag, etc.. But I drank Mountain Dew and was able to make it through the flick. I thought it was ok, but nothing spectacular. I should have seen the Incredibles for a second time. Oh well. I'm off to do some work. Be well.

Peace always,
Mike Park